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Office: (662) 832-1081

About Cal Trout

Meet Cal Trout, a seasoned Realtor® at OLR Realty with deep roots in the Mississippi Delta. Originally from Tallahatchie County, Cal hails from a family that has been farming cotton, soybeans, and corn on a large scale for over 150 years. This rich agricultural background has provided Cal with a profound understanding of land use and management, making him an invaluable resource for clients interested in buying or selling rural properties.

Cal's passion for the outdoors extends beyond farming. He is the founder, owner, and head guide of Trout Valley Quail Preserve, a testament to his dedication to wildlife conservation and habitat management. This venture has not only allowed him to share his love for quail hunting with others but has also deepened his expertise in recreational land use.

Cal's journey to real estate is a story of resilience and determination. After facing personal challenges, including a life-altering car accident, he found solace in the fields and woods of his beloved Delta. The act of hunting, caring for the land, and fostering community through his quail preserve became a healing force in his life.

With a Master's Degree from the University of Mississippi and a lifetime of hands-on experience, Cal is more than just a Realtor®; he's a steward of the land. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a home, a farm, or a hunting camp, Cal is ready to serve as your agent. His wealth of knowledge, combined with his personal approach, ensures that your best interests are always represented.

When you choose Cal Trout as your Realtor®, you're choosing a partner who understands the value of the land, the importance of community, and the significance of home. Let Cal guide you through your next real estate journey with the same dedication and passion he brings to every aspect of his life.



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