As a foundation to Arthur's real estate services at OLR, he brings a background of management experience in the hotel, hospitality, and aviation industries.  He was honored to have been the first manager hired by Southern Airways Express (launched in Mississippi in 2013), as the airline's systemwide Manager of Communications and Media Relations.


Arthur has lived in Mississippi for nearly 20 years, has attended Ole Miss (where he would enjoy returning in the future to finish his M.A. in Southern Studies), and is a church member of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Memphis.  He earned a B.A. in German Language and Literature at the University of Washington (one of the highest rated Germanics programs in America), won a German Express scholarship, and studied abroad for a semester in Germany at the Universität Tübingen.


With his appreciation for elegant architecture and traditional craftsmanship — often found in homes from the Antebellum and Victorian eras, along with many other graceful building styles and designs — Arthur is an excellent choice for historical or unique properties in any of Mississippi's 82 counties.


For standard real estate, his focus region is Northwest Mississippi from Oxford to Southaven.  Whether your goal involves a residential home, land acreage, or a commercial property, Arthur can assist you with buying, selling, leasing, or managing.